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History March 2022


What is history?

“When you learn about the past”.

“You can order dates in chronological order”.

“Look at greatest achievements and how that links with today”.


What is working well?

“We use the VRs to help us visit the pyramids”.

“I am enjoying comparing photos from the past to today to see how things have changed”.

“We learnt lots of new information in the HUB like doing an archaeological dig for artefacts”.

“As a class we get to create a timeline to show some of the important history topics that we have learnt so far at school”.

“We like doing activities when we pretend we are someone in history and get to write a diary as if we are them”.


Next steps:

“We want to use more photographs to look at the past”.

“To be able to use the laptops to do more research”.

“The history display needs to be bigger”.

Geography March 2022


What is geography?

“Learning about the world and how it has changed”.

“Look at countries, oceans and continents”.

“We learn what happens around the world”.


What is working well?

“I like watching videos for clues and writing a letter in response”.

“Using the VRs so we can visit a country even though we can’t go there in person”.

“Our double-page spreads because we get to present the information how we want to and show what we have learnt”.

“We use the laptops to do our own research”.

“We learn songs and dances to help us learn the continents and countries”.


Next steps:

Making sure the knowledge organisers are age appropriate.

“We would like experts to come into school to talk to us”.

“Be able to use the VRs more”.

“Have the laptops in more geography lessons”.

RE at Fordbridge.


Year 1 

"We played a Jewish game called Hanukkah. It was so much fun!"


"We looked at the chalice and the cedar plate. It was special."


Year 2

"We have learnt about the prayer mat. Muslims face Mecca to pray.


"We like doing drama, we want to do more."


Year 3 

"RE is very calm."


"We drank squash and ate bread, to learn about the last supper."


Year 4

"We like talking with our partners to reflect on what we are learning."


Year 5 

"We like learning about different religions, it is interesting!"


"We watched a video and pretended to be the person in the video, it was fun."


Year 6

"We like using the laptops to research."


"We love presenting our information on a double page spread." 




Science Pupil Voice March 2022

P.E - March 2022


Year 1 child– 


What do you enjoy about P.E? 


"I enjoy P.E because it is fun and we do gymnastics and other fun things." 



Year 2 child – 


Do you learn new skills in P.E? 


"Yes we learn how to throw, catch and do gymnastics."


Year 3 child


What makes you a good sports person? 


"You get better at P.E if you practice at break and lunch, being fast at running, having good skills and trying your best in the lessons." 


Year 4 child – 


What part of the P.E lesson do you enjoy most? 


"When we do competetive things like races, games and challenges. Also I like P.E outside because there is more space and freedom to learn." 



Year 5 child – 


How do you know if you have done well in P.E? 


"We get a medal at the end of the lesson if we have been the star of the lesson. The coaches give me good feedback if I have done a skill well and sometimes I ask the coaches if I have done well at the end of the lesson." 


Year 6 child – 


What is the structure of a normal P.E lesson like? 


"We are introduced to the Bronze, Silver and Gold lesson criteria, we develop our skills throughout the lesson and sometimes put them into a game situation at the end." 




Phase 1

We love computers, we enjoy playing games

We remember scanning people with the X-Ray in Nursery


Phase 2

It is very helpful for the modern day, I got confused at the start but wasn't confused by the end

Using the VRs made it seem like I was really there


Phase 3

Being on a computer is the main thing I like about school, Computing makes me feel relaxed

When we used the VRs you could see back in time


What is SMILE?

A time where we can express our feelings to someone and enjoy life.


It’s for when you’re upset or if your mood is off.


We learn about anti bullying and you should be nice to each other and listen to each other.


What do you do in your wellbeing/SMILE time?

Different activities like anti-bullying or go on the laptop, draw pictures


Sometimes we do colouring, we go outside or have music, the daily mile, just dance.


We draw, some play cards, some meditation, yoga.


How do you think it helps you?

Sometimes I get a bit stressed about work and smile time releases it and I get to spend time with my friends.


It helps people socialise and make new friends.


It helps make your emotions feels happier. We get to mess around with our friends and cheers us up.


Yes, it helps make your emotions feels happier. We get to mess around with our friends and cheers us up.


Art & DT Pupil Voice 2022