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Welcome to our Happy and Motivated Home Learning Page

Here you will find links, activities and resources to support both parent and child wellbeing.


Not all resources on this page are suitable for children to access on their own. Any labelled with a in green are completely child-friendly.

Refresh your body with





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Improve your mood with our




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Fordbridge Mediation


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Have some fun with our



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Get outside and enjoy our



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Get active with



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Take part in our Wake Up, Shake Up



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Get crafty with our curriculum challenge



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Become a better learner with 




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Listen to one of our stories



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Create a consistent routine by creating a timetable



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Read through our top tips for home learning

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Young Minds


Supporting your child through the pandemic 


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Every Mind Matters




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Department of Education 


Mental Health Resources 

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Helpful Tips

Helpful Home Learning Tips for Parents


  • Be mindful that you’re a parent and not a teacher and your child will see you as a carer rather than an educator. Try to take the pressure off yourself and off your child to complete work quickly and efficiently.


  • Try to avoid the word ‘homework’ and explain home learning more that they are attending school through the internet and encourage children by reminding them that the teacher is on the receiving end and looking forward to seeing their work.


  • Remember that learning has changed since we were at school and that you are also learning these methods. Remind your child that you are learning together and you will help as best you can.


  • School provides a routine for children and so try to implement a routine into your day. School also has natural breaks between lessons and it is important to remember this. See our document on a recommended daily routine on your Home Learning Page.


  • Contact your child’s school if you are concerned regarding your child’s wellbeing.