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We define our ‘curriculum’ as the total of a child’s experience whilst here at Fordbridge Community Primary School, ensuring that they are secondary school ready with the right knowledge and skills for the next stage of their educational journey, but also ensuring that our children are ready to be the citizens and future of our world.  Our approach to the curriculum complies with the duties set out I the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Education Needs and Disability Regulations 2014.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.

School Target: to ensure that we are consistently offering a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum which is bespoke for the children at Fordbridge.

  • To continue to develop the effectiveness of subject leaders within each curriculum area to ensure standards continue to improve in all areas.
  • To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum ensuring that all subjects are coherently planned and sequenced in order to develop knowledge and skills in all subjects.
  • To develop Enquiry Based Learning through the promotion of Characteristics for Effective Learning and embed throughout all subjects.
  • To continue to embed and informative and effective assessment tool in order to track progress, close gaps and inform planning.


INTENTWe, staff and students, endeavor to foster life-long learning behaviours at Fordbridge Primary School through: independence, choice, collaboration and personal discovery. We aspire to provide equally rich and varied extra – curricular opportunities for all children. We place high importance on the school community and always ensure that our resources, lessons and curriculum are tailored to our local area.
IMPLEMENTATIONThe ethos behind the Fordbridge learning style is the promotion of Enquiry Based Learning using the schools outstanding facilities as a vessel to support this. We have the National Curriculum, which we use as a starting point, and embellish and deepen further as a school. At the heart of this is children being exposed to quality experiences and lessons with an element of choice and need for independent thinking. Pre-learning homework introduces this, whereby parental involvement is ever improving and evolving, and children are immersed into experiences with visits or off timetable days of discovery. Parents coming into school to join in on some of these experiences bolsters our offer and deepens the experiences further. We are problem solvers, leaders, collaborators, analysists, questioners, innovators and explorers! This academic year we have introduced our own Characteristics for Effective Learning across the school, in order to embed our passion of developing ‘learners and not children who learn’. These characteristics will be differentiated throughout the key stages in order to prepare our learners as ‘people’ for secondary school and beyond. Within every stage of a child’s journey at Fordbridge, children contribute to the direction of the learning process and are given the opportunity to help sculpt the direction of the curriculum through various different councils, which is a reflection of pupil voice at Fordbridge. Our curriculum uses technology, collaboration and encouragement as the basis for encouraging learning. The learning and development of young people continues after school, through a rich extra-curricular timetable. Our rich and varied extra- curricular programme continues to develop our children’s life skills way beyond the traditional curriculum subjects with over 40 clubs per week available for children both before and after school. Through Fordbridge University and the collaboration with various local businesses, we are creating; doctors, hairdressers, engineers, beauticians, chefs, builders, carpenters, plumbers, bank managers, teachers, fashion designers and many more. But more importantly, we are providing the choice, freedom and belief for children to sculpt and design their own future and destiny!
IMPACTThe Fordbridge mindset places the learner back at the center of the curriculum and insists practitioners consider… "What do we want our children to learn, what personal and educational tools will they need to get there, what could be the possible outcomes and how will these skills relate to the lives children lead within and beyond our community". It is beginning to produce children who must and can, think for themselves, be resilient and face challenges with strategies to overcome and progress. As a result of this children will be successful learners, who can apply the learning skills and knowledge set out in the national curriculum, in order to meet national expectations and make better than expected progress from their baselines. Within a single day at Fordbridge, our children can embark on intellectual adventures by engaging and connecting with the learning materials, environments and challenges we present across all subjects. The Fordbridge curriculum uses minimally invasive teaching, allows children to learn for themselves, provides encouragement and creates an environment to promote curiosity. The children negotiate with others for evidence of their learning, observe and record and apply their knowledge. Within Fordbridge, the guiding principles are evident and becoming deeply embedded. Our teaching staff are committed to teaching children vital skills through our Characteristics of Effective Learning and necessary knowledge from the National Curriculum, but allowing them to express and evidence their learning in formats and means that suit their individuality – playing to their individual strengths where appropriate. The culture of learning together is promoted and exemplified by staff and we are proud to be developing children who are confident to question learning, to self organise, lead, innovate, present, collaborate, inspire and take calculated risks within safe boundaries – to take themselves and their learning to new and exciting places both within and outside of the educational setting. Children leave Fordbridge with a sense of belonging to a tightly-knit community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, reflect and self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners. With a solid foundation of our golden values: respect, resilience, reliability and responsibility.


School Target: to ensure that we are consistently offering a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum which is bespoke for the children at Fordbridge in Phase 1

  • To develop the knowledge and understanding of subject leaders within each prime and specific area of learning to ensure the curriculum is bespoke to all learners .
  • To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum ensuring that all areas of learning are coherently planned and sequenced in order to provide experiences and develop knowledge and skills in all areas.
  • To continue to embed child initiated learning through the continued use of Characteristics of Effective Learning
  • To continue to use skilful observation and assessment to inform children’s next steps and inform future planning


INTENTOur shared pedagogy has enabled us to develop a curriculum that is balanced between child initiated learning and the opportunity to acquire new knowledge through more direct teaching. In phase One we place children’s well-being at the for-front of all learning experiences. Through the Characteristics of Effective Learning we endeavour to promote a resilient, challenged and independent learning culture which reflects the uniqueness of the Early Years curriculum.
IMPLEMENTATIONOur carefully thought out learning environments enable children to follow their desires and interests and connect with their learning through play. We are a team of highly skilled practitioners all of whom possess high expectations. This ensures that our pupils become enthused, resilient, engaged, committed, challenged, collaborative, expressive, imaginative, creative, confident and independent thinkers (Characteristics of Effective Learning). Learning is most significant because the phase one curriculum at Fordbridge connects with children’s interests has breath, balance and depth, is enquiry lead and discovery based. We provide experiences, opportunities and skills that are carefully planned and well taught to enable children to progress in all areas of their development. As a phase we ensure the learning journey for children who join us at FCP to the end of year 1 is continually progressive. We achieve this through the staffs shared vision and joint thinking and team work. We have adopted a curriculum development model inspired by “Early Excellence”. As a setting we provide continuous provision- this is curriculum through high quality indoor and outdoor learning environments. Enhanced provision – this is curriculum through resource stimulus, interactive display, visits and visitors. Directed activities- curriculum through focused teaching, discussion and group activities
IMPACTSchool tracking confirms that the children enter our setting typically below the expected standard but exit reception in line with the national expected standard or above. This is due to the careful planning and implementation of the curriculum where we ensure all children make progress from their different starting points with teaching and learning that is bespoke to the setting and the needs of the children. As a setting you will observe children displaying high levels of well- being and involvement as well as children displaying all the characteristics of effective learning. The growth of children’s cultural capital will be evident as the children will acquire the knowledge and skills for what comes next in their lives. Every child will be given the best start in life that we can offer. Children leave Phase one with a sense of belonging to a tightly-knit community where they have the confidence and skills to make connections and become lifelong learners on their school journey