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Each child has a ‘Learning Journey’ which is updated by your child’s Key Person, this is an online tracking document.  As parents/carers you will be set up with a Tapestry account, this enables you to view the ‘Learning Journey’ at home, you will also be able to contribute to the journey at home.  If you have any problems with setting Tapestry up, please speak with Mrs Hayley Berry, who is the administrative assistant and she is based in the office at Fordbridge Childcare Plus.

Tapestry Information


All children attending Fordbridge Childcare Plus have a personal online Learning Journey which records photos, observations and comments in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. This enables us to build up a record of each child’s learning and achievements during their time with us. We use a system called Tapestry, which is hosted on secure, dedicated servers based in the UK. You will have password protected access to your child’s online Learning Journey and we encourage you to contribute to it by uploading photos, videos and comments of their learning development and experiences at home.


How to use Tapestry

You will receive an email to gain entry to your child’s Learning Journey upon permission slips being completed and returned. Your registered email address is the primary email address you give to us on the permissions slip – your initial password will be emailed to this address. We strongly recommend that you change your password on your first visit.

Then go to on your computer or if you have an iPhone or iPad, visit the itunes store and download the ‘TapestryMobile’ app from the Education section (free of charge). There is currently an android app in the making; we will notify you when we hear it is up and running. Specific user guides will be emailed to you in PDF format, alternatively you can be provided with a hard copy.


Changing my settings


On the computer: At the top right of your screen you will see your name, selecting this will give you the option to ‘Edit Preferences’. Choose this option and you will be presented with a screen giving you the option to change your email address and password. You also have the option to request an email to be sent to you whenever a new observation is added to your child’s Learning Journey – just tick the relevant box if you would like to add this function. Please note that you will only receive notifications when new observations are added, not when replies to comments from parent or staff members are posted.

On iPhone/iPad: To change your settings on the iPhone/iPad app, click the ‘cog’ button on the bottom right hand side of the application. This enables you to change password and/or email address. Viewing my child’s Learning Journey, You will see your child’s observations on your ‘Obs’ tab (home screen) – selecting any one of these will open up the observation for you to look at. You may add comments in the box at the bottom of the observation if you would like to. You can display all entries or entries for particular timeframes or media types by using the drop-down tabs on your Observations screen.


Adding an entry to my child’s Learning Journey

Choose the ‘Add Observation’ option (or the ‘plus’ icon on your iPhone/iPad) and add the relevant information into the boxes on the screen. Photos and videos may be uploaded by choosing the ‘add media’ option. When you have saved your observation you may go back to the home screen at any time by choosing the ‘Obs’ tab or clicking on the Lanterns logo (on the cloud, top left corner). If you have any problems please email . We recommend that you read the Learning Journeys (Tapestry) Policy available on our website. Please note: The online learning journey is used to record your child’s learning and achievements. It is not to be used as a general communication tool between Nursery and home and is not monitored on a daily basis. Staff will check weekly for parent replies and comments. They will then respond or pass onto the relevant key person. If you require an immediate response, please therefore speak directly to your key person at drop off or pick up time.